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“Capricorns possess a timeless charm. You’re the picture of grace—elegant, well-mannered, and socially appropriate, like signmate Michelle Obama. Country club memberships fall at your feet, velvet ropes are quickly unclasped in your presence. While you may hobnob with the elite, there’s an unwavering practicality about you. A rock-steady earth sign, you lend structure and stability to any project. You’ll work tirelessly to ensure that there’s food on your family’s table and that the people you love enjoy the best the world has to offer. In fact, you show love by providing material comforts, rather than with grand displays of affection. To say you’re ambitious is an understatement. When you’ve fixed your sights on a goal, you’ll ascend the steepest mountain trail to reach it. Pure dedication and drive earn you the well-deserved stripes in your industry. In affairs of the heart, you’re attracted to power and status, but you also need a partner who can help keep the home fires burning. Since you’re a bit like Wonder Woman and Supergirl rolled into one, anyone less than a heroic figure wouldn’t be a suitable mate.”

| Curiosities about Capricorn

Well, it’s been a while since I’m away. Let’s say I’ve been in some deep formation about myself, traveling and dedicating some proper time to my other side. I’ve learned that change is not about a new “you” and this is not a new me, this is a better version of myself that I am creating day by day.

It’s not easy to do better, every single day. It takes courage, faith and consistency to achieve your purpose. You don’t wake up everyday feeling like today I’m going to be the best version of myself and save the world. That’s a trap. You have to train your own mindset to make the best of life and to find your purpose, even when everything around is dragging you to some bullshit. You got to be conscious that you actually live one time and you are missing the best of it if you keep focusing on the happy ending.

Focus, meditate, appreciate, smile, set your goals and decide to go get them.

Be confident. Life is a box of chocolates, remember? “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

You are everything you have.

To my dear friends and followers who show me so much support and encouragement every day, I say


I’ve been enrolled in some exciting projects and new things are coming next year, please be patient, it’s loading.

Wish you a lovely week, full of badass conquers.