CHIME FOR CHANGE presented the first-ever global concert event to bring girls’ and women’s issues to the world’s stage. Millions of people joined. 14 worldwide artists performed. 210 projects were possible to develop due to the $4M raised.
Each of the 50,000 concertgoers donated the full value of their ticket to projects of their choice, allowing Chime for Change to fully fund four incredible projects:
$25,150 to help Syrian refugees access healthcare through Doctors of the World
$50,020 to showcase the stories of sex trafficking survivors through Equality Now
$15,005 to send 30 girls in Houston to Camp SMART through Girls Inc.
$57,750 to build the first floor of Humaira Bachal’s Dream Model street school in Pakistan−further supported by a matching grant from Madonna’s Ray of Light Foundation to complete the school building.
I am so proud I was there and was part of this crowdfunding. It was actually an initiative that should happen in every concert. Taking adverting of the power of technology and the opportunity to get so many people together to promote a better world with a concrete cause, it should be an eternal trend. It is an obligation to contribute for education, health and awareness towards the importance of an educated girl.
One of the highlights was a project were they took a group of elder women from Ethiopia and teach them how to use solar power in order to get power light in their houses. It was so special to see them coming back to their communities, building small solar installations and bringing light to their homes like truly heroins. Simple learning that can change lives and the future of the developing communities and their susteinability.