The amazing Brazilian model Iza Goulart is just one of my favourite workout inspirations.

She’s gorgeous it’s a fact, but it also important to keep up with this angel incredible routine. Doesn’t matter if she is working in an exotic Island or maybe just taking some days off in NY, the truth is that she is very dedicated, hard worker and spiritually positive which obviously gives her the full credit.



Follow her Instagram feed @iza_goulart or the hashtag #bodybyiza and you can learn some really cool exercises to do at home or even at the plane.

A lot of pilates, sweat, sacrifice, muscles, strength and ambition. If it’s motivation that you are looking for, the bombshell Iza will give you exactly what you need to get a new lifestyle.



 “Health is one of the biggest treasures we have in life and has always been my priority,” I.Goulart.