Feels like rebirth
my summer crush
so in love with the sun
please, don’t rush

Birds get together
and sing along
the flowers bloom
like a morning song

The air is so refreshing
so full of glow
it feels like inhaling love
but do it slow

The open window
let the memories flow
it is so quiet here
Remind me tough days ago

But the beauty of life
Is exactly how it comes
What would be a rollercoaster
Without fear and fun

Appreciating my today
makes me feel this alive
Polishing my instincts
To see the purpose of my life

Like Summer is a season
of energetic tones
but I can also enjoy the beauty
when the Autumn comes

It is a matter of valuing
each day as a gift
I don’t rush it too much
I don’t take the lift

As every life lesson we take
We choose to accept or deny
I have decided that happiness is a journey
With or without sun by my side

|  Mariejolie