Happy 40th anniversary of our independence


On this 40th anniversary, it is inspiring to observe and reflect on Angola’s transformation since independence, culturally, economically and mental.

However there is still a long way to change perceptions and actions in terms of social equality and human rights management, specially regarding the recent episodes with national activists. In a democracy we are free to demonstrate – with good sense – our opinions, desires and beliefs. On the other hand, it is important to understand and acknowledge all the perspectives involved, which includes transparency and a better communication management from the authorities responsible, in order to allow us, as a nation to be able to sustain a fair and impartial opinion.

I believe that the E D U C A T I O N and C A R A C T E R sustains every human being perfomance, individually and collectively. It allows us to live in society, to share, to behave, to take responsibilities, to give it back, to understand our potencial and the consequences of our actions and to fight for what we believe with diplomacy. Therefore I believe that the future in Angola is precious, not only because it is growing and developing nacional human resources in order to manage the diverse natural resources from this magic land and establish Angola as a peaceful, educated, strong and balanced country. In order to achieve that, is vital to improve the basic conditions for the Angolans to live with dignity and improve the education system, proving the key element for every democratic, successful and peaceful country:
E d u c a t i o n .

As also Angolan citizen, I will do my best to give it back, day-by-day, in small but significant didactic actions, transmitted by giving the example, providing explanations, helping others not only monetarily but also intellectually and creating opportunities and tools for the ones that for some reason couldn’t access them.