Bentley goes on English time at the Prince of Wales Patio 
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In the patio of the new Prince of Wales, Bentley was invited for the summer. Adorned cushions, throws, tennis rackets, a croquet game, backgammon games, and traditional travel trunks signed by the English brand, the court invites to enjoy the pleasures of British gentlemen.

On this occasion, the Chief, the Quellec Stéphane and his team have prepared dishes inspired by the French and English traditions of excellence for British Twist card. Tasty roasted rack of lamb with mint or the inevitable fish and chips accompanied the creations of Chef Christopher Gaglione Barman.

To cool off, the bartender reinterprets the emblematic Bramble B, originally created in the 80s by Dick Bradsell at Fred's Bar Soho. Composed of Merlet apricot cream, lemon, cane sugar, raspberry and pink, this colorful and iconic London Cocktail Culture will allow you to wait jsuqu'au Frozen Tea Time, a proposed time of 15h to 18h during Stéphanie Le Quellec which offers its savory bites and Yann Couvreur, Pastry Chef, seduces you with its English scones.

After the tasty little snack, British time takes you to discover the jewels of French heritage. Suite guests can reserve a romantic Bentley to discover Versailles, craft workshops, Champagne or Normandy, in collaboration with the Chef Concierge Thery Marie-Liesse. | LuxuryDesign






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