Fashion is an attitude. That’s for sure.

However, there are so many different ways to boost your attitude. From clothes, to shoes and cool accessories, we all can make our own style look-alike some well known fashion designers.

In the end we all influence trends, so it is a matter of time that our influence or style might appear with a different shape in some fashion show catwalk. Regarding the fact that nowadays social media has given the change to be in touch with your favourite stylish, artist or icon you can pretty much believe in miracles and actually do something in order to achieve them.
From photos, to videos, hashtags you can pretty much influence who influences you.

Simple much no?

Well talking about trends and influence, let’s take a look to the amazing eyewear trends for Fall Winter 2015 / 16 written by 

The fall/ winter 2015-2016 fashion trends are already available for our use.

” The items presented on the hundreds of collections unveiled during the recent Fashion Week events in New York, Milan, London and Paris are already beginning to fill up our closets as we know that the early birds always win. We have taken a journey of discovery throughout the pieces presented, listing trends in shoes, handbags, accessories, clothing, colors, prints, nails, and hair. Among the accessories are also the eyewear pieces that deserve their own individual report, showing off the latest in sunglasses that will protect the eyes while looking chic and fun and ready to take on the upcoming fall and winter months.

During the spring season we noted the renovation and the invention of new forms of wearing your typical glasses, with different shades available as well as all sorts of different designs.

This season we see many of them continuing on, with lots of rounded pieces appearing here and there and funky rims in simplistic terms completing the summer moving into autumn transition, seamlessly done.

Below are a few of the biggest fall/ winter 2015-2016 eyewear trends that were spotted on the different runway shows by fashion designers big and small, male and female, with their own lines or working as creative directors for some of the greatest and oldest fashion houses.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends

#1: Modern Cat Eye Sunglasses

When it comes to the shapes of the eyes, we already discovered in the fall 2015 makeup trends that cat eyes are big. Then again, cat eyes are usually a staple for any season, having turned into an evergreen trend that rarely ever leaves the runway. There is just something quite pleasing about having your eyes turn up, making everyone look and feel just a little happier in general. So when it came to the fall 2015 sunglasses, we were not surprised to see gorgeous cat eyed designs at the Rochas show, making the models’ smiles appear even more sincere. Similar to the Rochas were also the Phillip Lim glasses with their grey frames, while we saw rounded lenses placed within cat eye frames at Fendi. Those futuristic pieces with the holographic frames at Giorgio Armani certainly catch our eyes. We can see a rather modern cat eye look on those thick rimmed yellow glasses spotted at Versace, looking positively delectable to the eyes. It was just the prettiest look we could encounter at Anna Sui, with a feline inspired print to the frame that matched the shape so perfectly.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Cat Eye Sunglasses

#2: Sunglasses with Darker Shaded Lenses

During the spring and summer shows, we were treated to colorful lenses, lighter colors and ombre sunglasses. There were a few darker shades, but they seemed a bit more prominent on our current fall and winter Fashion Week runway shows. We do very much love it when there is a thick colored rim to the darker lenses as well, which is exactly what Rochas presented on its own catwalk. We can say that a very similar style appeared on the 3.1 Phillip Lim runway as well, while House of Holland took black sunglasses to a whole new level overall. Possibly one of the funniest pieces of eyewear seen during the Fashion Weeks is the Moschino version of bear themed glasses. We see the darker lenses appear at Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Just Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Tod’s, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Christian Siriano and others.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses With Dark Lenses

#3: Thick Colorful Frames

Frames come in all different shapes and sizes but what caught our attention was the detail in colorful and thick rims, which really accentuated the look and feel of the glasses themselves. Whether we are talking about those gorgeous red framed sunglasses spotted at Emporio Armani, the colorful thick framed options from Etro, the combination of cat eyes and round frames in dual colors at Fendi, or the gorgeous yellow or red versions found at Versace, and the brightly colroed frames spotted at Jonathan Saunders, we know that colorful frames are totally in and make us look positively fabulous. The frames at Anna Sui were certainly thick, with cat eye appeal and a feline print in dual tones. The thick frames and the blue coloring make some of the Anna Sui glasses pieces we dearly covet.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses With Colorful Frames

#4: Oversized Sunglasses

While there may have been a time when sunglasses were quite chic in smaller frames, at the moment it is all about the oversized versions, just as oversized clothing is totally in fashion these days. There is something to be said about a pair of glasses taking up half your face and making the rest of your features look small. We see the look appear in fun cat eyed shapes with thick frames at Rochas and Phillip Lim, in more droopy eyes with the angular black House of Holland versions, with bear ears as spotted on the Moschino runway, and those geeky Gucci frames that look like they lack lenses. Nothing beats oversized sunglasses that are in the aviator style though and Just Cavalli proves it with those dual toned pieces. Those Miu Miu ombre lensed square frames were huge as they shimmered bright against the models’ visages. We are head over heels in love with the Versace take on the oversized glasses though, particularly with the thick red and yellow frames. Furthermore, blue marble could never look as good as it did in fun designs at the Anna Sui runway show. We also love the unique oversized sunglasses by Loewe, Karen Walker and Kenzo.

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#5: Blast from the Past Retro Sunglasses

We loved seeing the retro sunglasses come back into play, bringing to mind the ideals of the ‘60s and ‘70s. We loved seeing the toned down versions available at the Boss by Hugo Boss show, with the square frames and the ombre lenses. Circular lenses are also very much a blast from the past, making the Burberry pairs quite perfect for those who have been nostalgic this season. Those aviators are certainly a blast from the past as well, though those like Just Cavalli’s have a pretty modern twist to them. We’re thinking the disco years are back in when we look at those Matthew Williamson eyewear accessories, what with the glamour and the rounded styles. Jonathan Saunders, Nicholas K, Michael Kors and Loewe also have chic retro sunglasses for fall/ winter 2015-2016.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Retro Sunglasses
Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Retro Sunglasses

#6: Round Sunglasses

There are cat eyes and there are funky shapes, thick frames and ombre lenses; there are also rounded frames that come into play this fall/ winter 2015-2016 time period that is merely an extension from the looks presented for the spring and summer seasons of the year. There is really little to say about round lenses and frames themselves, so we just allow ourselves the pleasure of seeing those Burberry models saunter onto the catwalk having donned the slightly bug eyed look, Emilio Pucci ladies with their ombre star studded lenses in circular frames, and Fendi women with their round lenses in cat eyed frames. When it comes to Matthew Williamson, it appears as if retro has really made it back into style with those shimmering colorful round glasses, while Michael Kors had us falling in love with the look all over again. At Anna Sui, some of the lenses were rounded, despite the funky effects of the frames. Other designers that included round glasses are Au Jour Le Jour, Karen Walker, Tory Burch and others.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Round Sunglasses
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#7: Geeky Glasses

Geeks and nerds may have been the butt of the popular kids’ jokes in school, but they have not been checking out the latest Fashion Week trends when it comes to eyewear. The geeky look is in and that means large frames with clear lenses and perhaps even a beret thrown on top, kind of like the Gucci look that has gone viral. There is something very sexy about a girl with a brain and the fashion designers are picking up on that quickly enough. Those geeky glasses took on a very appealing look with Anna Sui’s gorgeous cat eyes and the tiger prints that took over the frames, appearing also at Paul & Joe’s and Max Mara’s shows.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Geeky Nerd Glasses

#8: Sunglasses with Ombre Effect Lenses

While some lenses come in very dark colors, others in rainbows and many in clear, we also see a whole lot of sunglasses with ombre lenses, which start darker at the top and end lighter at the bottom. This is very practical as well, for the sun shines from the top while you need to have a clearer view when you are looking down. The octagonal Holly Fulton glasses matched this description rather well, with the peach hued rounded frames giving a wealthy look to the models donning the eye piece. Ombre in an even darker shading appeared on the Boss by Hugo Boss runway show as well, with a grey frame and sophisticated retro look. Even within Emilio Pucci’s star-studded frames lay lenses that had an ombre effect to add a bit more dimension and depth to the look. We even saw a few Fendi looks with the ombre round lenses within double frames of round and cat eyes. Some of those Just Cavalli looks also featured ombre lenses to match with the colors of the aviators themselves. Loewe featured square shaped glasses that had their own appeal, particularly through the dual toned frames and the ombre lens effects. Miu Miu’s glittering square frames also took on this trend, alongside Zac Posen’s orange looks that really brought out the sophistication of a woman. Trussardi and Rodarte also showed subtle ombre effects for the lenses of their sunglasses for fall 2015.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses With Ombre Lenses

#9: Funky Shapes of Sunglasses

Shapes are big when it comes to wearing glasses of any kind. You can opt for classics, you can opt for retro, you can opt for futuristic or you can go simply fun and opt for shapes different than all others. This includes the Holly Fulton octagonal classes with their ombre lenses, peach colored frames and overall rounded looks. Those round frames were given star shaped lenses at Emilio Pucci, bringing the celebrity status closer to home. At Marco de Vincenzo, it appears as if it isn’t just the colorful nature of the glasses themselves that capture our attention but also the chopped off top of the circular frames and lenses. Those angular dark lensed House of Holland pieces are also quite lovely, oversized and covering nearly half the face but still perfectly chic. We have all sorts of shapes appearing on the eyewear, including bear ears at Moschino, as well as bright pastel pink flowers with green lenses, also known as the flower power glasses, at Markus Lupfer. Some of the funkiest shapes though were seen at Carolina Herrera, with a combination of cat eye with square and rounded edges throughout. It is positively captivating.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Unique, Funky Sunglasses
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#10: Sunglasses with Grey Frames

The glasses that appeared throughout the Fashion Week runway shows that took place in New York, London, Milan and Paris came in different colored frames as well as different colored lenses. What we found intriguing was the fact that many actually used grey rims to match with the latest fall/ winter 2015-2016 color trends, particularly when it comes to makeup worn during the cooler months of this year. We should have expected that designers like Rochas and Phillip Lim would opt to use the cooler functional cat eye forms of the sunglasses with the overcast weather hue that has also been named one of the top 10 colors for the fall and winter months. We see a bit more texture and a darker grey frame appear at Boss by Hugo Boss, while it goes way futuristic at Prada with those bluish lenses. In case of Jonathan Saunders, we see various shades of grey combined with white in a stylish camouflage prints for a higher impact.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses With Grey Frames

#11: Matching Frames

While the matching bags and shoes trend might have passed long ago and is not more or less considered a fashion faux pas, the matching clothing and accessories look is so very much in, making those matching blazers and sunglasses quite a lovely treat to behold. This includes the Boss by Hugo Boss womenswear collection. The colors of the frames also match the clothing sometimes, such as the circular frame in white matching the white fur vest at Fendi. At Matthew Williamson, the colors of the glasses matched the feathery colors of the garments, giving it a totally 1980s feel. Everything was in black at Tod’s so we can certainly say that outfits and glasses were perfectly matching. At Versace, we spotted yellow frames paired with yellow coats as well, reminding us of our mothers’ words to always make sure that your outfit has a perfect flow to it in terms of color at least. That goes for the red version as well, paired with a red outfit with Versace emblazoned across the chest. Zac Posen’s orange glasses find their match in the orange dresses, albeit in a slightly warmer coloring. At Anna Sui, we saw the combination of blue and white clothing with marble blue and white sunglasses in fun shapes that have us thinking of the summer much more than the cooler winter months.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses Matching Outfits

#12: Sunglasses with Marble Frames and Embellishments

No matter what shape the glasses come in, no matter how big or small, the frames themselves have different colors, prints and sometimes even textures, like those Boss fabric-framed glasses. While some are monochrome and easily identifiable, others have a marble tinge to them that really appeal to the senses, no matter how dark they may seem, i.e. at Burberry. Leopard looks appeared to be big overall during the fall/ winter trends, meaning that we were expecting to see their translation into accessories. Dior’s marble frame eyewear taking on leopard colors was the perfect transition needed. Even those geeky Gucci classes have marble style frames to go with their intelligent looks. At Matthew Williamson, those aviators really rocked our socks off with the silver leaves spanning across the top half of the lenses. One of the best marble pieces that look like fire ember lit and snuffed in one was spotted at Michael Kors. Blue marble looked fantastic at Anna Sui, with the round lenses and the funky frames.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses With Marble Frames and Embellishments

#13: Aviator Sunglasses

They came back into style in 2014 and seems like they are here to stay, albeit with a few tweaks here and there. The aviator sunglasses have appeared during the Fashion Week runway shows and we could not be more excited. It makes us giddy on the inside. Dior had its models walking out with marble almost leopard printed sunglasses that looked quite sexy, while those ladies sashayed in with red and beige rimmed pieces that are rather hard to ignore. Aviators of the past meet aviators of the future at Louis Vuitton, with those studded looks taking up the frame. Really fun aviators appeared during the Matthew Williamson show, with leaves spanning across the top and a marble frame holding the lenses in place. We saw a whole lot of aviators at Tod’s as well.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Aviator Sunglasses

#14: Colorful Sunglasses

While the frames alone may be colorful, sometimes we notice that the lenses are also of multiple hues, whether as a monochrome or rainbow design. This takes into account the square sunglasses seen at Etro with their dual colored frames and the reddish lenses, as well as the pride rainbows of the Marco de Vincenzo sounded versions. Those Just Cavalli Aviators were certainly interesting with their dual toned glamour, matched by Loewe’s black and white demeanour. Colorful looks really good at Matthew Williamson, while those futuristic visions with the green lenses looked positively inspiring at Prada; when it comes to Versace though, it appears that yellow takes control fully in some instances while red is the master in others. At Zac Posen, burgundy takes over, while blue oceans are all we saw on some of the Anna Sui models.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Colorful Sunglasses

#15: Square Shaped Sunglasses

Along with all the other shapes seen on the runways are also the square sunglasses that really have us going creative. Mind you, it’s always a good thing to have multiple shapes in style in order to suit all individuals with multiple different face shapes that require specialized eyewear to suit them perfectly. From Etro’s colorful feel to Gucci’s geeky versions, those sexy intellectual looking Loewe pieces to the Miu Miu glittering ombre looks as well as the sunnier versions, there are many stylish square shaped sunglasses for fall 2015 to choose from. While the yellow versions at Versace are more of a cat-eye, the red appears to have more of a square look to it to match the tastes of the ladies who prefer that look. On the other hand, there is no confusion as to the shape of those Zac Posen glasses that match quite nicely with the sunset orange dress.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Square Sunglasses

#16: Futuristic Sunglasses

We notice that while some of the glasses are totally a blast from the past, others are more akin to what the future may hold, such as the holographic style frames of the Giorgio Armani pieces. Bug eyed futuristic pieces also appeared at the Louis Vuitton show with the aviator look tweaked profusely and the studding along the frame for added effect. We can think of Prada’s colorful pieces as the futuristic glasses as well, with their fun triangular lenses and the grey frames around green lenses. The future could easily be round and blue as well, as per Anna Sui’s depiction, with the theme of waves and surfs floating to the surface. Futuristic and creative are also those Tod’s sunglasses.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Futuristic Sunglasses

#17: Sunglasses with Glittering Frames

Coming in from the spring and summer seasons is also the glittering framed sunglasses trend that really had us smiling all the way through. We love glitz and shimmers, which is exactly what Miu Miu gave us with those ombre lensed square frames that were a tad too big for the models’ faces. Fendi also showed lovely sunglasses with subtle glittering frames that we absolutely loved! In case of Missoni’s futuristic sunglasses, we can see soft glittering vibes used through those marble effect frames in different shades.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses with Glittering Frames

The fall/ winter 2015-2016 eyewear trends are diverse and cool enough to cater to various interests, styles and face shapes. Find you perfect design of glasses for the new season to add glamour and elegance to your fall outfits!”

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro | BY FASHIONAISERS.COM