Different sizes, styles and combinations. A closet is the soul of our style.
The way it is organised, colours and details, everything is important to create our meca.

Which one is your favourite ?

Just a few tips depending on your organisation method that can be helpful

  1. Choose a nice playlist before you start making your closet
  2. Choose a nice colour match to decorate your closet
  3. Flowers or plants, essential.
  4. Start by trying your clothes, shoes, bags and acessories previously
  5. Assign different seasons of clothes different color hangers
  6. Use hanger tabs to separate clothes into daily outfits
  7. Use hanging boot and bag racks to save space and storage room
  8. Use pant hangers to keep boots off the floor
  9. You cut PVC for storing scarves, belts or ties in drawers
  10. Create show hangers just by turning a regular one more curved
  11. Double your closet space by using soda can tabs to hook handlers together
  12. Lingerie drawer organisers help you keep your undergarments on the straight and narrow
  13. Get a three-bag laundry bin for pre-sorting laundry
  14. Ladders are a decorative storage ideia
  15. Clipboards are a stylish, artful way to display your statement necklaces
  16. Keep your scarves or tights straight by tying them to a hanger
  17. Install wooden shelf dividers for folded clothes
  18. Use vacuum-sealed space bags, but leave a bit of air inside
  19. Use clear shoe boxes to store your footwear
  20. Wheeled drawers let you utilize under spaces
  21. Repurpose a wine rack as a purse organiser
  22. Turn all your hangers backwards so you can check the pieces to give away in the future

 PS: stay tuned because very soon I will post a step by step for the perfect closet

BY M A R I E J O L I E & Julie Gerstein