After a long time away I’ve returned to my second home, Angola, for a professional challenge.
Probably one of my favourite countries and cultures in the whole world, Angola has a particular essence. Some people, even I have heard about the beautiful and unforgettable sunsets behind the ocean or the beautiful Imbondeiros, and now, from every perspective I can guarantee it is a magical moment, for real.

The color of the land, the typical plants, the tropical rain and the smell afterwards it is something impossible to describe, you need to feel it so you can interprete in your own way. The landscape, patterns, food, music and the day by day rhythm of this country is absolutely fascinating. I am also a fan of Angolan women fierce, by many years till nowadays, women represent a vital role in the culture, they are strong, brave and beautiful and they are becoming even more crucial in this moment of growth.
Of course it is not all roses. Angola is still overcoming many issues related with education, health and civil war effects in many ways. However the Angolans are conquering peace day by day showing the world that this country it is like the famous Portuguese Oporto wine: year by year, better it gets.

I will make sure that I show, every now and then the beautiful culture and traditions of this country in my posts.
In the meantime check out one of the very first songs I’ve heard when I’ve arrived. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Let the  a d v e n t u re   begins


Mussulo by | New Angola