The word luxury has always been associated not only with the quality , prestige and exclusivity , as well as a symbol of social status , becoming the target of much criticism because represent social classes , lifestyles or even behaviors .

Currently, the concept of luxury separate gain insights proportions and in particular the concept of home design . Due to the – significant – increase, luxury goods market and the various approaches by artists , experts or even merely curious and passionate about this concept of exclusivity and aesthetic sense , today is not – so – used to prevailing social identification . The Luxury has become something much more profound and comprehensive considered a connection between refinement and freedom of expression , fused under traditional concepts : quality , exclusivity and visual aesthetics .

We are faced daily with the numerous pieces of art, different styles, from design objects in the magnificent gardens that hold all the detail and precision in the choice of its elements , which makes them unique and especially appealing to those who beholds them .

With all the pros and cons that evolution and current development include , is the need to make visible how – our – space, in which We live is increasingly intimate and cozy , and now with more diverse choice in relation to style and atmosphere we want to create  .Our house is not just a set of building materials properly structured where we spend time and fulfill vital functions in our daily lives . Our home is a reflection of our personality , our way of being in life and what we really want in it.

Not forgetting the main concepts of interior design adapted to the real needs , lifestyle , versatility and functionality such as frequent changes and transformations that are always subject , the concept is that our home be with us in our personal growth process .

My concept of luxury home , flees accompanied by large chandeliers and gilded woodwork velvets from centuries past , but rather a set of elements in harmony to form a global design that exudes quality , tranquility and comfort , so that I can pack the proper state of mind , and recognize me looking for – my – space. It is a concept related to the intimate way of being and living day by day , based on what I believe to be important to me .

Respecting all different tastes and styles, I truly believe that My Luxury Home is my personal expression, where physical, emotional, mental and spiritual find in quality and aesthetic the perfect harmony, including everything that each one of us believe what that is.

“Designing and/or decorating our home is an investment in our own well-being, where luxury is any element which gives us more freedom to do it long term.”